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RAD Yoga Surf Retreat at Santosha Surf Sanctuary

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

This will be my 5th retreat in Nicaragua on the Costa Dulce land. We will officially be the first retreat on the freshly developed grounds of Santosha Surf Sanctuary created by Heidi Parker.

Heidi recently began the new structures while Covid was running wild through the World... So needless to say it has truly been a labour of love, and miraculously it was on schedule and opened October 2021!

Santosha has had 2 Cabanas and her house on her land previously.

Now it has a Restaurant with a Yoga Shala above it, and 4 rooms ( 2 Singles & 2 Duplexes )

Yoga Shala above Restaurant

Two Duplex's above with the Private below

Yoga Shala view

Her Landscape Architect has done an incredible job of keeping all the structures as environmentally sustainable as possible! Bamboo, steel, and concrete ground with ocean plastics!

Keeping the numbers down, makes these events much more intimate, and the connections deeper.

The Yoga Shala holds 12 mats and the maximum occupancy of rooms is 13 people.

Week 1 ( November 5 - 12 ) SOLD OUT!

Week 2 ( November 12 - 19 )


Cabana 1 ( 2-3 People )

Duplex 1 & 2 ( 2-3 People )

Private ( 1 Person )


Cabana 2

RAD Room

Cabana 1

$1800 Per Person for 1 week

Includes accommodations, meals, and classes.


$1500 for 1 week ( Shared bathroom )

Includes accommodations, meals, and classes

2 Duplexes above with 2 Privates below

Duplex interior ( King bed + Single )

As this is the first time I'll be staying at Santosha, I have kept the rates as low as possible for this maiden voyage!

$1600US for 1 week per person

This includes accommodations, meals, and classes

Extras ( not included )

Surf rentals, surf instruction, excursions, alcohol, and cab rides.


Monday 7:00 Rocket 1 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Back & Shoulders )

Tuesday 7:00 Rocket 2 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Hips )

Wednesday 7:00 Movement Flow 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Hamstrings )

Thursday 7:00 Rocket 1 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Back & Shoulders )

Friday 7:00 Rocket 2 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Hips )

Saturday 7:00 Movement Flow Pool Party

Sunday Morning OFF 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Hamstrings )

All classes are optional.

Afternoons will be filled with surfing, swimming, reading, hiking, excursions, and hammock time!


Waterfall Hike, Snorkelling, Boat Rides for Surfing or Fishing, and Surf Instruction


The meals will be a combination of local Nicaraguan dishes infused with Thai inspired meals.

Vegan, vegetarian, and keto options... All gluten free!

Santosha is located between Playa Escameca and Playa El Yanke ( Yankee )

If you would like to grab one of the remaining spots, please let me know a.s.a.p.!

My goal is for patrons to be as busy as they want.

Learn techniques from all the classes to help heal their bodies and minds, while enjoying very healthy meals in a Jungle Paradise.

Also taking these lessons back to their lives to pass on and share with family and friends!

We would love to have you!!

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