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Rocket Yoga Vancouver at Stretch

I began teaching Yoga in 2006. I initially resonated with teachers who taught powerful but creatively flowing classes. My classes would always be different and very playful. 
The problem I found with this style of teaching, is you tend to do more of what you like and what feels & looks good in your body!
Over time this will misalign you, because the poses you don't like are generally the poses you truly need!

Following an intelligent set sequence that ticks off all the boxes, but still allows you to be creative within those boxes.... Is Rocket Yoga! It was created in the late 80's by Larry Schultz.
Since then it has been taught in many countries around the world.
I learned the Rocket sequences from Dustin Fruson initially and then did my Rocket Training in San Fransisco with Steve Pyka.
This "Ashtanga based" practice became my new JAM and saved me a lot of Physio money!

I have been teaching Rocket since 2014 and the owners of Stretch have opened their arms, to be the home of "Rocket Yoga Vancouver!"

Rocket #1( More forward folds similar to Ashtanga Primary ) Rocket #2 ( More Back Bends )
*2/3 of Rocket 1 & 2 are the same!*
Rocket #3
( Rocket #1 with the back bends of #2, plus some optional inversions! )
Playful Rocket ( Rocket Inspired class that will offer some optional creative Playful poses/balances )

Stretch offers 5 Rocket classes a week: 
Monday 6pm Rocket 1 75min.
Tuesday 6pm Rocket 2 75min.
Wednesday 7am Rocket 1 60min.
Friday 7am Rocket 2 60min.
Sunday 10am 75min. Playful Rocket

This practice will help you build internal strength with the focussed work on Bandhas ( lifting pelvic floor "Mula Bandha" and drawing low belly in and up "Udiyana Bandha" )
Keep your practice aligned and fundamentally focussed, and challenge you in creative ways within the sequences!

Rocket Immersion's are amazing for Power/ Flow Yoga Teachers, to add these incredible sequences into their teaching regime! You will still need a 50hr. Rocket Training to become an official Rocket Teacher, but you can add these sequences into your Power/ Flow classes as
"Rocket Inspired"!

We will be breaking down the 3 sequences ( Sun Sals, Standing Series, Wide-Legged Series, Seated Sequence, Back Bend Series, Core Work, Closing Sequence ), teaching them, learning adjustments, improving cueing and cadence! The teachers will also fine tune their own Rocket practices to deliver quality alignment based creative classes!
Only 14 spots available...

Once the Immersion is completed and Teachers have a regular Rocket or Rocket Inspired class
at a Studio, they will be added to the @rocketyogavan Teachers Page!

Here's the first group of Teachers that took the first Rocket Immersion at Stretch.
Next on will be in October... More information to follow.

The Rocket Community is strong... I often have students sent to me from the UK, Seattle, Colorado, Calgary and Puerto Rico... Where Rocket classes are thriving!
I'm very proud and humble, to be representing for Vancouver. 

ROCKET #3 will Start up again in the Fall
"This is the best Rocket Practice of the month!"

Rocket #3 takes the Rocket #1 practice and adds the back bends of Rocket #2, plus a few optional arm balances and inversions!
Sign up online at



My first Retreat to Costa Dulce was in 2016. I fell in love with this Jungle Paradise immediately!

A lot has been added since our first Retreat. This Pool and Bar are relatively new and Tyson has taken over Curtis' property "Casa Horizon", so Costa Dulce can house up to 50 people now... 20 more than previous years. But that still doesn't make the Private Beach, "Playa Escameca" busy.

They've also added a Sweat Lodge and Massage Rooms.

Tim the Turtle Guy still runs from the land and the Turtle Sanctuary is right on the Beach.

This year I will Hosting 2 retreats back to back. November 4-11 & November 11-18

Week 1 Nov. 4-11 has 2 Bungalows left ( Nido and Big )

Nido is $3200US a week "Perfect Couple's Getaway!"

Big Bungalow is $4000US a week "The BEST DEAL for 4 Friends!"

Week 2 Nov.11-18

Has 4 Bungalows left ( Nido, Big, Colibri,Olita )

Olita is $3000US a week

Colibri is $2600US a week


Coffee, Fruit, Smoothies in the morning

7:00am Rocket Yoga/ Movement

9:00am Breakfast

1:00pm Lunch

5:00pm Flexibility Yin Yoga

7:00pm Dinner

Surfing daily at high tide. Surf lessons available. Excursions available ( Waterfall Hike, San Juan Del Sur trip, Horseback Riding ), Massages, Hammock Time

Lindsey was the Surfing star last trip!

Ren & Grant at the Waterfall

Ryan upside down in the Yoga Shala

Prices include:

Accommodations, Meals, and Classes


Cabs, alcohol, excursions, surf rentals, surf instruction

DM me to book your Bungalow

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This will be my 5th retreat on the Costa Dulce land and the first retreat @santoshasurfsancturary … This will also be my first 2 week retreat!

The first week November 5-12 is SOLD OUT, but I have a few rooms left for the second week… November 12-19.

Prices range from $1500US to $1800US… This includes accommodations, meals, and classes.

I will be offering 2 classes daily and Santosha will 3 meals a day with fruit & coffee available before the morning class.

Rocket Yoga/ Movement Flow classes in the morning

Flexibility Yin classes at night before dinner.

The deposit is $500US is non-refundable… The second payment was due June 15th ( half of

the remaining balance )… October 1st will be the remaining payment.

Surfing daily at Playa Escameca and Playa Yankee ( on either side of Santosha )

Surf Instruction will be available and Heidi ( Owner ) will be offering excursions as well ( Waterfall hike, snorkelling, San Juan Del Sur day trip, Boat surf trip )

Cabana’s hold 2-3 ( discount for 3rd person ) $1800US

Duplex’s hold 2-3 ( discount for 3rd person ) $1600US

Private for 1 with shared bathroom $1500US

DM me to reserve your spot!

Heidi mentioned to me that new flights will be added as we get closer to the dates and air travel eases up a bit!

Floating Yoga Shala over New Restaurant over looking the infinity pool and ocean!

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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

This will be my 5th retreat in Nicaragua on the Costa Dulce land. We will officially be the first retreat on the freshly developed grounds of Santosha Surf Sanctuary created by Heidi Parker.

Heidi recently began the new structures while Covid was running wild through the World... So needless to say it has truly been a labour of love, and miraculously it was on schedule and opened October 2021!

Santosha has had 2 Cabanas and her house on her land previously.

Now it has a Restaurant with a Yoga Shala above it, and 4 rooms ( 2 Singles & 2 Duplexes )

Yoga Shala above Restaurant

Two Duplex's above with the Private below

Yoga Shala view

Her Landscape Architect has done an incredible job of keeping all the structures as environmentally sustainable as possible! Bamboo, steel, and concrete ground with ocean plastics!

Keeping the numbers down, makes these events much more intimate, and the connections deeper.

The Yoga Shala holds 12 mats and the maximum occupancy of rooms is 13 people.

Week 1 ( November 5 - 12 ) SOLD OUT!

Week 2 ( November 12 - 19 )


Cabana 1 ( 2-3 People )

Duplex 1 & 2 ( 2-3 People )

Private ( 1 Person )


Cabana 2

RAD Room

Cabana 1

$1800 Per Person for 1 week

Includes accommodations, meals, and classes.


$1500 for 1 week ( Shared bathroom )

Includes accommodations, meals, and classes

2 Duplexes above with 2 Privates below

Duplex interior ( King bed + Single )

As this is the first time I'll be staying at Santosha, I have kept the rates as low as possible for this maiden voyage!

$1600US for 1 week per person

This includes accommodations, meals, and classes

Extras ( not included )

Surf rentals, surf instruction, excursions, alcohol, and cab rides.


Monday 7:00 Rocket 1 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Back & Shoulders )

Tuesday 7:00 Rocket 2 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Hips )

Wednesday 7:00 Movement Flow 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Hamstrings )

Thursday 7:00 Rocket 1 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Back & Shoulders )

Friday 7:00 Rocket 2 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Hips )

Saturday 7:00 Movement Flow Pool Party

Sunday Morning OFF 5:00 Flexibility Yin ( Hamstrings )

All classes are optional.

Afternoons will be filled with surfing, swimming, reading, hiking, excursions, and hammock time!


Waterfall Hike, Snorkelling, Boat Rides for Surfing or Fishing, and Surf Instruction


The meals will be a combination of local Nicaraguan dishes infused with Thai inspired meals.

Vegan, vegetarian, and keto options... All gluten free!

Santosha is located between Playa Escameca and Playa El Yanke ( Yankee )

If you would like to grab one of the remaining spots, please let me know a.s.a.p.!

My goal is for patrons to be as busy as they want.

Learn techniques from all the classes to help heal their bodies and minds, while enjoying very healthy meals in a Jungle Paradise.

Also taking these lessons back to their lives to pass on and share with family and friends!

We would love to have you!!

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