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Why Host Yoga Surf Retreats?

It's hard to believe that I am hosting Retreat number 19 & 20 this year!

It all started with Long Weekend Retreats in Tofino many years ago!

They went from renting a House and having classes in the Living Room to renting out an entire Lodge and having up to 30 patrons.

This was the 10th Retreat in Tofino and the Crew was obviously AWESOME!!

We had 3 classes a day ( Rocket, Acro, & Yin with Live Music )

Unbelievable Vegan, Vegetarian meals by Home Grown Living Foods and Surfing at Long beach with Relic Surf Shop.

It was a blast but I really enjoyed the connection that is created with week long Retreats in warm water climates!

Nicaragua was totally my JAM! I Co-Hosted Retreats in Mexico, did a Surf Retreat in Costa Rica, but when I hosted my first RAD Yoga Surf Retreat at Costa Dulce... I knew I found my place!!

Costa Dulce is a gated community with a Private Surf break called Playa Escameca Grande.

A busy day on the water is about 15-20 surfers with zero attitude, because they are the staff and patrons of Costa Dulce!

The surf break is beginner/ intermediate.

Then 15 minute walk up the coast is Playa El Yanke which is an intermediate/ advanced break.

Tyson and his staff are so welcoming and accommodating.

The food is incredible and a majority of it grows on the land, or is caught right near our beach!

These Retreats combine all my passions... Rocket Yoga, Flexibility Yin Yoga, Surfing ( Formerly a Semi-Pro Snowboarder who really wants to be a Surfer! ) and quality amazing Meals!

I absolutely love sharing this experience with my like-minded friends and making it as affordable as possible.

Do I make a lot of money doing this? Most years... Not so much!

Could I charge more? Yes... But it really is about the experience and getting down there is a lot, so I try to make these getaways as cheap as possible!

This is really just my Vacation, that I teach at and organize.

The Yoga classes, although challenging are there to heal and strengthen the body, to sustain all the physical activity we do.

The quality food is there to nourish you and keep you going, to protect your body and keep it pliable.

Getting together around the dinner table creates community, and the excursions that they offer unite us even more.

I always leave these events with dear friends that will have these memories for a lifetime!

If you would like to join the crew this year we have a few spots left!

November 4-11

I have 1 Bungalow for a couple and room for 1 female to share a Bungalow

November 11-18

I have 1 Bungalow for 3 friends and room for 1 female to share a Bungalow

DM me to book your spot!

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