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5 Sequences with Risto

I've been teaching yoga full-time since 2007. When I began teaching I loved Power Yoga and Flow. My classes were a combination of the two for many years. This allowed me to be very creative, but there were classes where I wasn't paying enough attention to specific areas ( back, twists, outer butt, etc. ).. Generally it was because we were having a blast being upside down or working on arm balance techniques... Over time this can misalign you though.

"The poses you hate are usually the ones you need the most!"

Still rings in my head daily when I'm practicing.

The first time I did a Rocket Yoga practice I felt I did a complete, well thought out, but playful power yoga practice!

I have been the main Rocket Yoga Teacher in Vancouver for the past 7 years and will continue teaching these amazing sequences for many more!

Rocket #1 & #2 are challenging but all levels. Usually if a student lights up after class like I did... I end up seeing them a lot. Initially some of the more advanced options of the poses seem unreachable. But with consistent work, I regularly see "grins of gratitude" from the students!

"You're stronger that you think you are!"... Larry Schultz ( Rocket Creator )

This rings so true in class when you see a consistent student do something, that they thought they would never do! Practice makes progress.

These sequences slowly build internal strength and before you know it you start feeling lighter!

Photo Neo BaJaafar

I recently added Flexibility Yin Yoga to my teaching resume this past year.

The 3 sequences are Back & Shoulder, Hips, and Hamstrings. These sequences are healing GOLD!

Each sequence consists of 8-12 poses being held for 2-5 minutes with some functional movement.

In the training Lucas Rockwood ( Creator ) was mentioning how as teachers only have a short period of time each practice... So teach what you're most passionate about.

"I'm most passionate about teaching really well aligned yoga and giving students the tools to heal themselves."

These 5 sequences are some quality tools!

My personal practice is 50% Rocket Yoga / 50% Flexibility Yin Yoga now.

This combo has been the most healing for me.

Photo Abby Lawson

The magic ingredient of the Flexibility Yin Yoga classes is the 4 to 8 breathing.

4 count inhale and a really slow 8 count exhale out the mouth.

This breathing taps into your para sympathetic nervous system and helps to turn down your stress response.

Combine this with repetitive 5 minute poses on a focussed area... And you get some amazing results.

Like the Rocket practice, the sequences are challenging but effective!

Theses sequences are 60 minutes, where as the Rocket practice is generally 75 minutes.

I'm heading to Tofino in September 9-11 to teach the 5 sequences at Coastal Bliss Yoga.

Photo Tessa May Marr

Also adding Movement Flow in September with Slava Goloubov! This will be the new addition I'll be adding to my RAD Retreats in Nicaragua at Santosha Surf Sanctuary and Wellness.

Photo Millissa Martin

5 Sequences, Movement Flow, Surfing, and Amazing Food... My retreats are all about serving up an incredible healing adventure in a Jungle Paradise!

RAD Nicaragua ( June & November ) at Santosha Surf Sanctuary & Wellness

Photo Heidi Parker

I teach all 5 sequences weekly at Stretch.

The 5 Sequences work really well over a weekend, so any studio who would like to offer them up as a weekend package, please contact me.


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