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The Evolution of RAD Tofino 1 - 10!

If you are interested in joining us on our 10th RAD Yoga Surf Retreat in Tofino, expect excellent Yoga classes with experienced Teachers, mouth watering nutrient dense meals, high quality surf instruction, and an amazing group of like minded people.

Here's the story of how this weekend has evolved:

Ten years ago I rolled the dice on my first retreat. I was extremely nervous as I really had nothing to draw from. I needed a location for lodging, a studio space, and a company to take care of the surfing.

My friend owned the Ucluelet lodge and the Ucluelet Community Centre was perfect for the classes ( Eoin Finn used the Community Centre for a previous training I attended and it was great.). Another friend from Whistler worked at Relic Surf Shop, and was stoked to help us out and take care of the Surfing at Long Beach.

So although the majority of the retreat was in Ucluelet the first year, the surfing in Tofino was a blast!!

The second year we moved to Tofino fully and rented a house near Chesterman's beach. I hired a chef that brought over the meals, and once again Relic took care of the surfing.

Although the first two years were fun, I knew I had to step it up and cover all the bases.

Year three we moved everything to Tofino Botanical Gardens and Ecolodge. I also joined forces with Shani Cranston of Home Grown Living Foods ( Locally Sourced Seasonally Inspired Vegetarian Feasts )...... Game changer!

Shani was a good friend of mine from Whistler as well, who had been catering for surf retreats for over 20 years! Her food is absolutely amazing and her description of each meal before it is served, has mouths watering before they even take their first incredible bite!

The Ecolodge was perfect for these events. For year three and four we rented the top floor only. It went really well and I knew I could step it up a bit more.

So year five we rented the whole lodge and it was on! Because we rented the whole lodge we could take over the place. The yoga studio is right in the building and holds up to 30 patrons. As the years progressed, so did the numbers, and the energy.

Also I began to add sponsors to these events, which added a bunch of prizes to the Sunday night dinner.

Relic began to meet us at Long Beach with all the gear, which cleaned up the transitions from lunch to surfing. The instructors are awesome and their gear was perfect for Long Beach waves.

Year six we added musicians to accompany the evening Yin classes! This became the staple and really finished off the days events with style. After the evening Yin classes we congregate around the fire pit out front and reminisce about the day.

The yoga classes have really evolved as well. The morning practice has always been the fiery one, but has gone from a Power/Flow to a Rocket practice.

Because of my dance background I always taught a very creative Power/ Flow style, but after being introduced to the Rocket practice, I switched my teachings to primarily teach the Rocket #1 and Rocket #2 sequences!

Rocket yoga is such a well rounded practice created by Larry Schultz in the 90's. It builds strength, covers all the bases of a complete practice, and is extremely healing.

Set sequences are a beautiful way to allow you to really judge your progression, and make sure you don't skip over the poses you don't like ( because those are generally the poses you need the most! )

Year 8 we added Acro Yoga with Erin Jacob and Jim Heppner, and the puzzle was complete!

Erin and Jim's energy is infectious, and the Acro really surprises the patrons. Acro yoga has such a community building vibe ( base, flyer, and spotter ), and really brings the whole crew together, leaving the patrons wanting more. A lot of patrons leave searching out Acro in their home towns when they leave!

Here's Jim flying 2 girls with 2 spotters.... Yah he's got some skills!

Here's the schedule for our 10th RAD Yoga Surf Retreat in Tofino:


6:00 Botanical Garden Tour by the owner George ( A beautiful way to appreciate the history and beauty of the Tofino Botanical Gardens )

7:30 Dinner

9:00 Yin with Musician David Yates

Saturday / Sunday:

8:00 Breakfast

9:30 Rocket Practice

11:30 Lunch

2:00 - 5:30 Surfing at Long Beach

6:30 Dinner

8:00 Acro Yoga with Erin & Jim

9:00 Yin Yoga with Musician David Yates

10:30 Campfire


8:00 Breakfast

9:30 Party Practice with Inversions

11:30 Checkout

Sunday night we hand out prizes from the sponsors!

Sponsors over the years have been..... RAD Yoga Gear, Home Grown Living Foods, Relic Surf Shop, Float House, Vancouver Cryotherapy, Nectar Juicery, Lululemon, Supported Soul, Nietra Body Botanicals, One Yoga, and Stretch Vancouver.

So if you would like to join us for an amazing action packed Labour Day Weekend, you can sign up at or email me at

Don't wait too late as these events always sell out!!!

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Risto Duggan
Risto Duggan
Jul 16, 2019

Tofino is still on! Sorry there was a mixup and was accidentally cancelled by Wix. 3 Spots available in the bunkroom at $700 7 Spots available at $900 Single $1600 Couple or 2 Friends.

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