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RAD Nicaragua #4 "A Week In A Lush Jungle Paradise!"

Costa Dulce Beach Bungalows and Resort, is an absolute gem nestled on the Pacific Coast, near San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua. Playa Escameca is our Private Surf Break that Costa Dulce overlooks!

Erin Jacob, Jim Heppner, and I can't wait to host another action packed week full of Surfing, Yoga ( Rocket, Acro, Yin ), fun excursions, and amazing food!!

This will be my 4th trip to Costa Dulce. The jungle paradise is the perfect place to detach, truly connect with nature, hang with amazing people, and support a beautiful community.

Tyson and Kit are B.C. boys that created Costa Dulce. They now employ over 50 locals as their staff, work with Vital Actions Turtle Rescue & Beach Clean up, and Escamequita project to help with children's education. The resort is self sufficient, off grid, very safe, and pristine.

We offer daily excursions that include a gorgeous Waterfall Hike, Sunrise at La Flores Turtle Sanctuary, Surf Instruction, a trip to San Juan Del Sur, Salsa classes, Cooking classes, and maybe some Hip Hop?!!

The accommodations are awesome..... Everyone has their own Beach Bungalow ( 1-4 people ) overlooking the ocean, with a hammock, and the nightly opportunity to be lulled to sleep by crashing waves!!

Costa Dulce Yoga:

We begin the day with some amazing coffee and fresh fruit picked on site.

Then it's "Rocket Time"!

I teach Rocket #1, Rocket #2, Inversions, and a Rocket #3 in the morning. These set sequences are challenging but are all levels.... Optional arm balances and Inversions are offered daily throughout the week.

The Rocket practice was created by Larry Schultz in the 90's. He took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd series of Ashtanga Yoga, and created 3 brilliant sequences from them!

My body responded to these sequences better than any other practice to date. They tick off all the boxes of a well rounded, healing, strong, power yoga practice!

"The poses we don't like so much, are generally the poses we need the most!"..... Keeping us humble. So set sequences are perfect for keeping us well balanced.

We then have a large Breakfast and the afternoon to Surf, go on an excursion, hike, or simply read a book/ nap in a hammock!

Before dinner it's Acro/ Yin time.

Erin & Jim will be guiding you through some super fun and very safe Acro Yoga. Erin owns 3 studios in Maple Ridge and is a Therapeutic Yoga Master. Jim is Erin's husband and teaches Karate and Yoga at their studios.

Their energy is infectious and the Acro classes are a blast!

They begin the week with the basics, and progress to some very creative and fun flows.

The whole crew always ends up surprised at how much they loved the Acro, and often head home to seek out their local Acro community, to keep the stoke alive.

Following the Acro classes, we wind down, and get into some Juicy Sunset Yin.

After a day of Surfing the shoulders need some attention, and it always feels amazing to get back into the hips as the sun is setting.

After Yin the Dinner Bell goes off and we enjoy another amazing meal, followed by a cocktail at the bar Casa Ola, or nice cup of tea.

If you want to join us this year contact myself or Erin....... Spots are limited!!!

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