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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I began teaching yoga full-time in 2007. Right away I knew that I wanted to share my passions with my students. I’m an avid snowboarder, I used to race pro-boardercross, and had some freestyle sponsors back in the 90’s. I have a dedicated yoga practice ( Rocket, Ashtanga, Yin, Acro ) and would love to be a seasoned surfer!! I also love to eat quality foods.

So combining these passions brings us to RAD Yoga Surf Retreats!

In 2009 I began with my first retreat in Tofino. It was Labour Day Long Weekend and I managed to sell it out first try. Now 10 years later the Tofino Retreat at the Tofino Botanical Gardens and Ecolodge, has evolved into quite an event! I have 9 sponsors, incredible food ( Home Grown Living Foods ), surf instruction with rentals ( Relic Surf Shop for all 10 years ), garden tour of Tofino Botanical Gardens, amazing yoga ( Rocket, Acro, Yin ), live music for Yin ( David Yates this year ).

Erin Jacob & Jim Heppner joined us in 2016, with their AMAZING energy and brought Acro Yoga into the mix!! Erin is also a Master Therapeutic Yoga teacher ( She owns 3 studios in Maple Ridge ), and works one on one with the patrons to help them heal past traumas in their bodies.

This year we have added Mexico to our yearly retreats!! Casa Cuchara is a brand new Retreat Centre in Guerrero Mexico at Playa La Saladita. There is a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a secluded beach. May 23-30 are the dates…. If you want to get away last minute we can fit you into the last remaining studio!!

Costa Dulce is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in my life, and I’m SO STOKED to be returning there for our 4th RAD Yoga Surf Retreat in November 9-16. This breathtaking location is perfect for getting away from the rat race, improving your Yoga practice, hanging out with like minded people, eating incredible food, and recharging!!

Why go on a yoga retreat?

If you have regular yoga practice, but feel you have been stale in progression, a yoga retreat will totally immerse you for a week. I use to teach very creative Power Flow classes and have a dance background, so I loved making my classes unique, and ever changing. But what I found was that my “peak poses” of my classes, tended to be my a lot of my favourite poses. This can create an imbalance in the body. Since being introduced to set sequences ( Rocket, Ashtanga Primary Series ), my body reacted SO MUCH better, and my progression advanced!! Intelligent set sequences are crucial for checking all the boxes of a well rounded practice, to help you heal and progress. Ashtanga Primary Series is called, “Yoga Chikitsa” or “Yoga Therapy”. Rocket Yoga derives from the Ashtanga first, second, and third series. Larry Schultz created “The Rocket” in the 90’s to add a more playful take on “Yoga Chikitsa”……. It’s totally MY JAM!!!

Rocket #1, #2 are my main teachings these days, and my personal practice involves Ashtanga Primary Series a couple times a week when possible. The retreats always begin with a strong Rocket Practice, leave the afternoon for Surfing, followed by Acro & Yin before dinner. Whether it be a long weekend or a week, doing multiple days in a row of this schedule, will build strength, and your practice will dramatically benefit!!

Hanging with like minded people in a beautiful location, does wonders for the nervous system, allows you to detach, and truly just “go with the flow”! We add amazing daily excursions to our week long events as well, so you get to explore the local culture and experience unique locations.

So if you have never tried a Yoga Retreat, but have always wondered what they would be like, come and join us this year!!

Erin, Jim, and I would love to share our passions with YOU!!! to book

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